1.      When will my order ship?

2.      How much is my shipping?

3.      What kind of payments do you accept?

4.      What is your minimum order requirement?

5.      Do you sell only to wholesalers and distributors?

6.      Can I cancel my order?

If we did not address your questions or concerns, please contact us at info@L2ComputerInc.com.

1. When will my order ship?

Normally, your order will be shipped out from our commercial location in New York, United States by UPS or USPS within one or two business days. For some of the iPhone/iPad repair parts or special orders, it may be shipped directly from HK/China by DHL or UPS. It will take about 4-7 business days for delivery based on the locations you are in. You can obtain your tracking information within our order system once it has been shipped out. Should there be any anticipated delays, you will be also informed and you may decide to either cancel your order or make it as back order.   

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2. How much is the shipping charge?

We use DHL and UPS as our carriers. You will see your shipping cost before you send out your payment to us. Should you order large volume merchandises and prefer using your own shipping carrier, you can contact us to arrange for the shipment. Please email us at info@L2ComputerInc.com or call us (212) 315-1688 or fax your shipper account information to (212) 315-1678 so that we can have your order prepared and shipped by your preferred carriers. Your preferred carrier has to be able to offer International shipping service if yours is international order.

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3. What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards via PayPal ONLY. We also accept wire transfer payment. We do not accept company/personal check or money order at this moment. With order more than $1,000 in total, we will contact you to verify your order before shipping the order.

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4. What is your minimum order requirement?

There is no minimum order requirement within our website. For wholesale orders within New York State, we require you to download and fill out the tax exempt form below before we can waive the tax charge on your order. Unlike other wholesale vendors who require you to order minimum quantities on certain items, we have no restriction on quantities you would like to order. You can order 10 dozens, 1 dozen or just 1 piece of a particular item if you prefer. This means you can afford to purchase an unlimited variety of products and offer your customers or yourself a wider range of selections, without having to risk unnecessary inventory.    

Click "here" to download, fill out and sign on the Resale Certificate, and then email it to: sales@L2ComputerInc.com or fax it to: (212) 315-1688. Thanks for your cooperation.

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5. Do you sell only to wholesalers and distributors?

No, we sell to everyone including consumers, wholesalers, and retailers. We don't have minimum requirment on any order. Your VIP discount level is changing based on the total order volume with us, the more you order, the more you will save. We also offer manual Purchase Order for special VIP customers so that they can have even better discounts on their orders.

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6. Can I cancel my order?

If your order has not been sent out, it is possible. Typically, you can cancel your order within 24 hours.  Should you cancel your order after it has been processed and shipped, you will be charged 15% restocking fee and the shipping cost. In order to provide better service and price, your support to us is very important.

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