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Fixed Mac Book w/ Great Results!! Fast Shipping. - Todd from CA (MacBook Pro A1260)

Very pleased with item - worked great. Saved me lots of $ replacing just the kb - Michael from IL (A1278 MacBook Pro KB)


They CAN work miracles. I don't know how... BUT HIGHLY RECOMMEND... Thank U - Don from MO (Dell Studio 1535)

Saved me around $500.00. Mac works great after repair. Quick turnaround - Mike from TX (MacBook Pro A1278)

Great service, took the time to insure repairs made to my satisfaction - Ron from MO (MacBook Pro A1150)

My MacBookPro lives again! This transaction went as promised.I would use again - Marissa from NM (MacBook Pro A1286)

Smarter than two Apple pro's who said my computer was trash!! It is fixed!!! - Cheryl from AR (MacBook Pro A1226)

Very fair seller, did not have them repair, got a full refund, 5 stars ***** - James from CA (MacBook Pro A1278)

The Dell M1210 worked perfectly after their fix. I'm a happy camper. A++ - Ronald from OH (Dell m1210)

OMG! Great service and communication. Fixed my laptop fast and at a fab price! - Adan from CA (MacBook A1181)

These guys are THE BOMB!!!! Quoted $760 @MacStore - saved me!!! - Amanda from MI (MacBook Pro A1286)

These guys are the best. They fixed my laptop as promised. They were very prof - Tracy from OH (HP Compaq V6000)

excellent, repaired in one day... local mac dealer wanted $1200 for new board, ,- Joe from FL (MacBook Pro A1229)

Thanks. Worked like a charm. Sure beats ASUS at $350-$400 plus. - Dennis from AL (Asus G51S)

Excellent repair, quick turn around, Great service - James from GA (Gateway M6750)

Macbook fixed! Easily saved me $300-$600! Awesome service! Highly recommend! - Lemar from CA (MacBook A1342)

Very competent don’t hesitate to use service!!!!!!!!!!! Highest RECOMMENDATION - Tor from FL (Toshiba A135)

my laptop runs much cooler than ever,,,thank you very much - Andres from NY (HP DV9000)

I just don't get it. These people are absolutely AMAZING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! A+ - Tommy from CA (A1278 MacBook Pro)

Very Happy with quality work and Communication with customer - Tony from HI (Acer Aspire 6920)

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Black Magic Design Decklink HD Extreme 2
Item Number:2235
Item Name: Black Magic Design Decklink HD Extreme 2
Category: Other Accessories
Condition: New
Unit Price: $299.99


Product Name

Black Magic Design Decklink HD Extreme 2

Product Condition

Like New


- High Definition or Standard Definition: The DeckLink HD Extreme PCI allows you to work with HD footage while still retaining compatibility with SD equipment. The card lets you switch between HD, 3Gb/s SDI and analog component video connections
- Analog and Digital Support: The capture card features 10-bit uncompressed digital SDI connections as well as analog video and audio connections. This gives you extreme flexibility in what type of video equipment you connect to the card
- 10-Bit Uncompressed SDI Capture and Playback: The DeckLink allows you to work natively with 10-Bit uncompressed video. This lets you work with broadcast quality video without sacrificing the quality delivered by Digital Betacam and HDCAM-SR 4:2:2 video
- Professional Quality Audio: The DeckLink features an unbalanced AES audio input and output, guaranteeing high quality audio with accurate sync. You can even connect via S/PDIF consumer audio products to give you an inexpensive option for monitoring digital audio Windows XP or Mac OS X Compatible: The DeckLink HD Extreme is fully compatible with systems running Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows XP x64 and Windows 2000. This lets you leverage the card's features regardless of the operating platform on which you edit
- Flexible File Formats: The DeckLink HD Extreme allows you to work with either 8-bit or 10-bit uncompressed video. When used with Mac OS X you can work with DV, JPEG, DVCPRO HD and HDV compressed formats. When used with Windows you can work with AVI, QuickTime, TARGA and BMP formats
- Down Conversion and Real Time Effects: The DeckLink HD Extreme allows you to downconvert your HD footage for mastering to SD at broadcast quality. The custom poly-phase interpolation and filter processing translates into high-quality downconverted video, ensuring no translation loss.

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